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The Science of Harry Potter, LotR, and anything dorky

Yes, we're insane, insane in the phospholipid bilayer

The Science of Harry Potter, LotR, and more
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Have you ever found yourself squeeing about the pureandtrue DNA/RNA OTP?
Have you ever made a crazy association during physics class that you knew no one else would understand?
Do you secretly giggle at those videos you watched during chem class where the molecules "bond"?
Are you the only person you know to have memorized Tom Lehrer's "The Elements"?
Do you ever find yourself mesmorized by the wiggling ATP on the campbell biology site?
More on the serious side, do you ever wonder how that "magic" in a the book you're reading could actually work?

If so, you've found the perfect community for the lonely souls who feel science need not always be academic and textbook-based but should include dorkiness and squeeing as well.

Basically, the subject of this community encompasses anything in which science and fandom intersect. For now, anything from squeeing over facillitated diffusion to having a slightly intelligible conversation about how a broomstick might really work is what we're looking for here. Post science-related fanfics( we know you've written them ;-) ), science related colorbars, song parodies and poems you've written that include some sort of scientific reference, and anything dorky and geeky.

This community was inspired in part by The Science of Harry Potter, by Roger Highfield, along with all the other books in that series (I think they've done star wars, x-files, LotR, Buffy).

This community is moderated by linaliem, and possibly her sister, taira602.